I don’t think I am supposed to be sprinting

Day 2 of training. Same run as the previous one. Warm up 5 minutes. 8 reps of 170 yards running, then 250 yards walking. Finish with 5m cool down. Oh and then fried frog legs. Yep. It’s going to be an interesting evening.

Update on the run. Yeah so I realize that I sprint for my 170 yard runs. I am not sure if that is how you are supposed to approach this program. But when I hear the voice say “start run now” I run like I am being chased by a large animal. And I get mad if I slow down for the next sprint..lol. So to rationalize this in my brain I have decided that when I am only doing the short runs those will be sprints and I will treat this as if I was interval training. I will have to revisit this tactic when I start to get into my real runs but for now I am running like the wind. Or a really strong breeze.

Oh and fried frog legs really just taste like fried chicken wings. Except you get tarter sauce and that makes everything taste good.


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