Lacing up my sneakers

Today is the first day of my new 10k training program. Zero to 10k in 10 weeks. Warm up 5 minutes. 8 reps of 170 yards running, then 250 yards walking. Finish with 5m cool down. I will be running after work. In TX. In the summer. The air is kind of chewy and my breathing is kind of crappy. Nice.

Recap from first run last night. It was actually kind of nice. I mean it was still 97 degrees,  but there was a breeze and it wasn’t has heavy outside as it has been. The run went pretty well. I covered 2.47 including warm up and cool down. The run portion was 1.87 miles in around 21 minutes. When I was running a lot my pace (on a good day) was around 8.50 so to come from that and now be looking at around 11 minute miles is tough but I am trying to take the approach that you have to start somewhere. Running, healthy eating, reducing debt…all starts with a step and you have to start with one to get going. Looking to the end without seeing the beginning and middle is where I had been making my mistakes. Start with the beginning and you will eventually get to the end.


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